"Every Small Step Towards Combating Climate Change Makes a Difference," Says Ross Franklin

| May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, a concept that asks companies to take accountability for how their actions will affect the world at large. Today, it is essential that leading brands and businesses help give back to society through CSR initiatives. Being a passionate philanthropist and environmentalist, Ross Franklin sheds light on global CSR and climate change.

Ross Franklin, Founder & CEO of the Pure Green Franchise, an omni-channel business gaining prominence for its cold-pressed juice, superfoods smoothies, acai bowls and eco-conscious practices. Franklin believes every business’s responsibility is to recognize how their methods could be contributing to worsening climate change. Franklin shares that there are simple, actionable steps that companies can take to combat climate change. Businesses can remain aware of their carbon footprint by measuring their CO2 emissions and being energy-conscious by turning off lights and unplugging equipment when not in use.

“When it comes to doing your part as a business to combat climate change, no action is too small. If every company takes just one small step to aid the environment, it will make a difference,” Franklin says, elaborating on actions all companies can do to be environmentally responsible.

Since its launch in 2014, Pure Green has been clear about its aims to supercharge bodies with superfoods and smoothies, in turn, creating greater awareness globally for the need for greener practices. Speaking of how he continues to champion this ethos, Franklin says, “I wanted to create a company that puts as much importance on the pursuit of a greener earth as it does on creating great products.”

The growing effects of climate change will always be concerning, still it is reassuring to know that some businesses are conscious about protecting our environment than simply growing their revenue.

Photography by: Ross Franklin