Why the Best Interior Designers Shop at Robert Lawrence Designs

Christina Najjar | July 23, 2019 | Lifestyle

When interior designers need absolute elegance for a project, they always turn to Robert-Lawrence Designs. In Dallas, the name is synonymous with quality and prestige. Robert-Lawrence Designs is the only choice for the top interior designers when they are on the hunt for the best silk plants, accessories, and art. The reason is simple. Since 2006, Robert-Lawrence Designs has been the pioneer and standard-setter for elegant home decor, stunningly realistic faux trees, and quality custom silk florals.

When designers come to RLD, they can expect the best of the best in terms of services to help them create exactly what their clients envision. Designers are guided as much or as little as they like through the selection process with the help of RLD specialists. Whatever imagery or inspiration the client has provided, the specialists at RLD can interpret and help the designer bring the vision to life. Of course, RLD specialists are trained to work within whatever specific measurements or requirements and are accustomed to working off blueprints and pictures.


New to their line of products, are custom preserved and artificial moss art. Perfect for adding a touch of sophisticated greenery in both residential and corporate settings. Since they create each frame in-house, you can come to them with dimensions and leave with a unique work of art made to fit your space perfectly!

Margaret Haneberg of Dallas Design Group eloquently articulated why RLD is the choice spot that she has come to rely on. “Robert Lawrence Designs is always a go-to for us at Dallas Design Group for beautiful arrangements customized to fit each client perfectly. Their customer service is phenomenal from the communication process to allowing hands-on input with the selection and placement of materials. RLD stays true to the timeline given and never disappoints.”

If clients don’t yet have a vision for what they want, RLD can help articulate their wishes. The specialists can inspire clients and designers alike by running through current trends as seen through the wide product availability. Designers can also visit the Dragon Street showroom to gain further inspiration and purchase products directly.


Grayson Knight of Layered Dimensions Interior Design put it perfectly, describing RLD as unparalleled… “Designing a curated environment for our clients involves many layers to produce a fully cohesive vision. Robert-Lawrence Designs has been a prominent layer and collaborator of ours for many years, helping to achieve that perfect space. The team, knowledge, and craftsmanship of product produced by Robert-Lawrence Designs has always been unparalleled in the industry, down to the personalized installations performed by Rusty and Kent themselves.”


Indeed, Rusty and Kent are truly the experts when it comes to permanent botanicals. Between them, they have nearly 50 years of combined experience in the field and lead a team of experts to deliver the highest quality product and services. The team travels far and wide to trade shows to source the top product. As a result of their impeccable taste and service, RLD has worked with top designers across the country and been featured in multiple publications.


“Part of the joy of designing is being able to collaborate with your peers and the RLD team is always fully engaged in the curation of our custom visions, however complex or specific they may be.” Knight continued. “It is without fail that our clients are always in awe of the designs we commission RLD”.

RLD offers full turn-key services and often provides on-site consultation and installation services to ensure that every project ends up perfectly. If a custom design is what a designer needs for a client, RLD is more than happy to oblige using the client’s container, or one of many available at their showroom. Equipped with only the best products, RLD often creates unique silk and dried floral arrangements as well as realistic custom trees made to designers’ specifications. Bespoke Christmas and other holiday decorating is also available. RLD is able to bring any vision to life when it comes to permanent botanicals.


Cheryl of Cheryl Ketner Interiors beautifully described how silk plants can enhance a home. “I love lasting trees, plants and flowers. They require no care and they add height, softness and a bit of greenery to the indoors. Artificials are included in my designs from conception on each and every project. If they’re good enough for MY home, they’re good enough for my clients!”

Collaboration is crucial when bringing a concept to reality. RLD’s extensive product range and knowledge allow for creating a curated product for clients; seamless and truly unique every time.

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