Ready for the Julia Rice Lifestyle?

by Julia Rice by Julia Rice | May 10, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

Julia Rice is coming! With the period of darkness now giving way to the light of dawn, this summer is particularly special to us all.

We are Julia Rice


The stretched winter left us eager to evoke the nostalgic moments of soaking up the sun, traveling to distant seas while digging our toes in multihued sand, spending time at lake houses, relaxing by the pool, or even just flicking it up for the gram. Well, Julia Rice is just in time to accompany this summer’s heat. Longing for the sunshine thrills Julia Rice designs launches an innovative and confident take on resort flair. The enduring showstopping pieces bring vivacity to form. Simple enough to dive into any ocean, stylish enough to strut around the most luxurious island retreats, yet bold enough to pair with high-end denim. Fashion statements will be made.

It’s a lifestyle


When you put on a very select piece of clothing, it speaks volumes. Julia Rice promises to captivate a classic alluring style that is sure to turn heads today and for many tomorrows to come. The Dallas-based designer emphatically answered the call of her most loyal customers by launching the eponymous label. A fashion brand that may very well become the next fashion lifestyle. The brand’s ligature JR logo is clean, smart and distinctive.

Red carpet swimwear


Julia Rice combines effortless class with alluring sensuality. Creating an aesthetic that embraces the female figure. For the men, it seemingly anchors the wearer in luxury and style. The brand encompasses the behavior of the body’s natural curves to create soulfully thought-out blueprints to forthcoming inclusivity. Celebrating various beauty forms the brand incorporates all personas. Julia Rice is unapologetic, glamorous, appealing, classy, and comfortable. The SS21 collection imbue polished luxury with whimsical everyday contemporary. The collection is solid and very upbeat with the use of vivid colors, bold prints, unabashed sexiness, while maintaining just the right amount of mature solid tones.

Julia Rice does not make clothes that are avant-garde, arty, or untouchably elegant, but definitely gives uber VIP vibes – think French Riviera festivities in Cannes or champagne sipping on luxury yachts in South Beach. Julia Rice does not miss. Just looking at her styles makes us want to plan our next travel destination to a sea kingdom adorned in high fashion and luxury apparel. The wait is almost over. Sign up for news and updates about the launch at and follow @Julia__RiceJR.

Jaw dropping red carpet swimwear is coming to you this Spring. Grab your slides or heels, either says we are Julia Rice.

Photography by: Julia Rice