Perfect Your Pout With a Lip Lift From Dr. Michael Lee of Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery

Rosie Roberson | September 27, 2019 | Style & Beauty


Oh, the glamorous process of getting older: We hate to admit that it inevitably happens to all of us. “Age-related loss of collagen and elastin paired with the not-so-lovely influence of gravity results in the elongation of facial tissue, including the mouth,” shares Dr. Michael Lee from Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery. “Now it’s evident that excessive use of lip fillers might also be a contributing factor.” We can all attest that, after hearing our fair share of plastic surgery horror stories and faux pas, one thing seems certain: moderation is key. “The same paradigm should likely be applied to lip filler—the addition of volume to any part of the face carries with it an absolute weight,” says Lee. “But here’s the good news: Whereas filler used to be the go-to remedy, it is no longer the preferred way to achieve a perfect pout.” Ladies and gentlemen, might we introduce you to the beauties of lip lifting. “The procedure involves the use of a small incision hidden in the shadows of the nose to remove excess skin and occasionally muscle of the upper lip,” says Lee. “The end result is, of course, a lifted lip—and an overall more aesthetically pleasing mouth.” Time to pucker up! Lip lifts $2,000-$4,500, Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery, 4311 Oak Lawn Ave, Ste. 365,


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