Napa Valley: Selling the Coveted Countryside

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CydGreer.jpgNapa Valley real estate broker Cyd Greer

As one of the top real real estate agents in Napa Valley since 2009, Cyd Greer knows the best kept secrets of wine country. One of the most visited spots in America, Napa Valley’s fame stems from its picturesque landscapes, world famous wine, warm temperatures year-round and, as Greer adds, an overall exceptionally beautiful community. With 19 years of realty experience with Coldwell Banker, as well as achieving nearly $1 billion in sales, Greer provides an unparalleled expertise on the coveted countryside homes of Napa Valley.

In her one-of-a-kind corner of the United States, Greer specializes in representing clients buying and selling wine region luxury estates, wineries, vineyards and complex land deals. “I enjoy the complexity of our transactions, but also the sheer beauty of our area and the unique architecture here,” Greer says. “I’m somewhat fanatical about detail.” Her extensive knowledge of the community’s land use regulations make her able to strategically solve high-end property or negotiation challenges should they arise.

When discerning which luxury properties best suit her clients’ needs, Greer has noticed a few hot trends on the Napa Valley market that her buyers are continually looking for.

  • “The modern farmhouse continues to be popular, but some traditional elements are starting to reappear.”
  • “Buyers want both beautiful and functional wine cellars. Wine cellars are more often on display near the main room; we’re calling them wine libraries.”
  • “More buyers are trending toward multi-generational family purchases and are looking for dedicated home office spaces.”

Screen_Shot_2022-08-16_at_5_15_20_PM.pngA stunning wine cellar in Cyd Greer’s residential portfolio

Valley Gems

Two of Greer’s current listings offer exceptional features that are rare in Napa. The historic York-Alexander estate of 1101 Lodi Lane boasts Italianate architecture of a time gone by with exquisite gardens, over 200-year-old oak trees and its own Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. Its status as a historically preserved estate means the future owner will have the opportunity to qualify for significant tax savings afforded by the Mills Act.

5440SilveradoTrail-Photo.jpgThis contemporary estate at 5440 Silverado Trail features panoramic mountain views

The second property is 5440 Silverado Trail, titled Chimney Rock Estate, a contemporary Napa styled home based on its design-build process. An estimated 50% of the property was custom made at Method Homes in Seattle. Greer offers this video for buyers to see the modules drop off on-site. With 360-degree views of the Mayacamas Mountains, an olive grove, a modern barn and easy access to the Silverado Trail, Chimney Rock Estate provides a quintessential valley feel with a futuristic build.

In a nod to her reputation as the leading land-use expert in the region and her passion for strategy and creativity in achieving a sale for her clients, Greer just secured the listing for the highest priced residential property in the region: a $35 million compound that includes a vineyard and a modern, 13,000-square foot residential home designed by a nationally known architect.

INSTORY_Meteor_First_Batch_MLS-24.jpgThe one-of-kind Meteor Estate is listed by Cyd Greer for $35 million.

“There has never been a property like this in the region,” she says. “You’ve got this super high-end vineyard and a home that is designed by a well-known architect. We expect this property to attract off-shore buyers who have been waiting for the absolute best.”

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