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Maintaining your skin healthy is essential for everyone and all ages; that's why Lee Nichols, a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, loves providing family-centered, generational dermatology at Mindful Dermatology.

As a mother of two school-age children, Lee recognizes the importance of connecting with patients from an early age. Caring for young children and teenagers requires a balance of medical expertise and effective communication—skin conditions in this age group range from eczema to psoriasis, and acne to rashes, alongside urging early detection and education. Going to a medical office can be anxiety-inducing for anybody, especially young children, and the dermatology office is no different. Lee explains, "Many times, young children want to be active participants in each step of the office visit, whether explaining their rash themselves or looking through my dermatoscope, and I want to make sure their experience is fun and favorable."

Also, as parents, we recognize that skin conditions can significantly impact a child's self-esteem and social interactions. Childhood and adolescence are also crucial periods in life to address skin conditions and play a role in educating about proper skincare routines and sun protection in delicate yet impactful ways. Empowering young people with knowledge and establishing healthy skin habits lays the foundation for a future of healthier skin and prevention.


As we become older, skincare concerns change. Our skin naturally ages and becomes more prone to a range of conditions, including, but not limited to, skin cancers, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin. A topic in and of itself that reoccurs for many adults is acne; thought to be a thing of puberty and adolescence, many adults still struggle with this skin condition.

Furthermore, routine full-body skin examinations are crucial for identifying skin cancers, as early detection can significantly improve outcomes. "I love when a patient comes in for a skin check because their significant other is a concerned, loving partner who sees a suspicious mole. Often that concerned, loving partner is also one of my patients!" Lee states. These preventative checks open the door for a whole host of conversations about skin concerns.

"Building relationships with my patients and their families over time is a unique privilege. I strive to meet each patient and family where they are that day—my priority is the skin concern that is important to my patient. I look forward to meeting you and discussing each dermatologic need."


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