Meet The Two Boss Moms Behind Dallas' Go-To Insta For All Things Health And Wellness, Stacey Duran and Whitney Stern

Maggie Klimuszko | June 18, 2019 | Lifestyle


The Hom Girls launched their Instagram account on the first day of 2019.

Stacey Duran and Whitney Stern, two moms brought together by their children’s school system, have started a platform to share the wellness tips and practices they’ve been revealing to each other in car pool lanes and on sidelines for years. The duo is passionate about the sound healing, meditation and yoga practices that have guided them through tough times and continue to shape their lives. Now, their Instagram account, Hom Girls (@homgirls), is an insider spot for honest and real product reviews, vetted suggestions and happenings in the Dallas wellness community and beyond, plus a daily reminder to renew the spirit and reflect. So far, we’ve learned about acoustic sound healing, cutting-edge techniques known to relieve anxiety and stress and improve concentration, and Kin, a liquid line of euphorics that boost your mood when paired with your favorite mixers.


Photography by: JAZMIN FLORES