Meet Dallas' Top Facial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, the DallasFaceDoc™

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DALLASFACEDOC™ is the brainchild and atelier of dual board certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Masoud Saman. After years of delivering exquisite cosmetic results in New York City and Dallas, lauded by patients and peers alike, Dr. Saman has brought his artistry to Highland Park. His approach is centered around minimally-invasive treatments that deliver remarkable bespoke results with rapid recovery, and little downtime and discomfort.


What is your practice philosophy?

Surgical technical excellence is in part validated by training and board certification. What is equally as important but not as easily measured, is aesthetic artistry. What is aesthetic artistry? It is a magical potion with ingredients that include mutual trust and open communication, an eye for beauty, modern bespoke planning, artful design, and masterful execution; Boom. Those are the elements required for creation of any work of art. #YouAreArt.

And the secret sauce is in being allowed to get into my patient’s head first.

What do you mean “get into my patient’s head”?

No two individuals are the same. We are all unique, with specific likes, dislikes, and aesthetic objectives. The most important part of my job is to understand my patient’s concerns and aesthetic goals. I need to know exactly what bothers them when they look into the mirror, on their Zoom call, or in a seflie. I need to know what they FaceTune, how they apply contour, what photography filters they like to use and why, which is their better profile. Only then can I create a plan that suits their objectives and enhance their beauty.


What is your background and where did you train?

I am an immigrant from Iran. I am father to 3 beautiful angels and husband to the smartest person I know. I think of myself as an artist. I grew up in Dallas but I also studied philosophy in Paris, dabbled in street flamenco in Seville, and delivered babies in Cuba. I completed my training in Ear, Nose, and Throat surgery at the prestigious New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in Manhattan. I went on to complete training in head and neck oncologic surgery and was selected to undergo an additional year of super specialized training in Facial Plastic Surgery. I then traveled the country to hone my skill in specific areas of interest by learning from the masters. Facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery has always been my passion and I am so blessed to be able to practice what I love and have a positive impact on my patients’ lives everyday.

What are the most common surgeries you perform?

Although I practice the full range of facial plastic surgery, my top 5 specialties are rhinoplasty, facelift/necklift surgery, facial contouring, lip lift, and eyelid surgery. Every treatment is optimized to achieve outstanding results. We also offer many effective nonsurgical treatments. You can learn more on or on Instagram @DallasFaceDoc.


Photography by: DALLASFACEDOC™