La La Land Kind Cafe Takes On The System, Plus Their Menu Checks All Our Boxes

Rosie Roberson  | May 20, 2019 | Food & Drink


The name La La Land Kind Cafe appears to be a double entendre. The bright new hangout off Lowest Greenville Avenue embodies a buzzy West Hollywood coffee shop in Los Angeles; where founder, 23-year-old Francois Reihani, grew up. It’s also a haven for aged-out foster youth, which the cafe employs as a means to provide jobs and mentorship. After co-founding Uptown’s Pōk the Raw Bar in 2016, Reihani went on to establish his non-profit, the We Are One Project, intermediating between foster youth and employers to provide jobs. With La La Land, he cuts out the middle man: “We knew we could have interactions with [the youth] on a daily basis and really make a difference.” The dreamy organic menu is an added bonus to the worthy mission: Cafe classics like coffee, tea and espresso are paired with signature takes, like a french toast latte and thin mint matcha. Plus, a bill of light bites offering artisanal toasts, empanadas and pastries. Ten percent of proceeds benefit Reihani’s non-proft: “I would consider us successful if, in 10 years, every business knew they had to give back,” says Reihani. “If it’s the standard.”


Photography by: La La Land Kind Cafe