JennAir Redefines the Luxury Kitchen Experience With Dallas Designer Nikki Chu

By: Modern Luxury Editors By: Modern Luxury Editors | December 10, 2021 | Home & Real Estate People Sponsored Post


Transforming the luxury kitchen experience, JennAir is synonymous with pioneering innovative design in the kitchen. From statement making finishes of new appliances to the latest advancements in home technologies, elevated design choices can take you one step closer to redefining your customized kitchen space.

Originally from Canada, celebrity designer and TV personality Nikki Chu has proudly settled into Dallas’ arts and design community and is now happy to call Texas home. Her style is distinctively her own—often very monochromatic, textural and layered, which has largely appealed to her to high profile clientele. Chu describes herself as “off the wall and outside of the box, mixed with a little bit of practicality and Function” and for her the luxury design process is about bringing “all your dreams of style and living to reality; selectively adding products to a space to enhance it and create that special feeling.”

With its “Bound By Nothing” mantra, JennAir has also embraced the mercurial demands of design to redefine the luxury living experience. Individualization, sleek design and top performance have kept JennAir at the forefront of design and a favorite among industry professionals and customers alike. For Nikki Chu, the exquisite detailing, unique lights and interior colors are just some of the features that make JennAir top of the line in the luxury appliance category and an ideal brand partner. “I use JennAir appliances whenever I can to complete a newly designed space. They are my appliance go-to’s, not only because of the function, but the fashion aspect to each of their products. I am currently remodeling my own home to boast an entire JennAir kitchen, that I will be equally as proud to cook in, as I will to Entertain.”


An avid cook, Chu spends most of her time in the kitchen and therefore it has a special place in her heart and many extra considerations when it comes to design. She looks at how a kitchen flows, if it is part of an open space plan and how the kitchen works with the other parts of the home, to the smallest of details like where spices are housed. “There are products you can add to a space that creates a feeling of luxury and JennAir appliances do exactly that. The focus on detail, quality and design that the brand portrays is guaranteed to bring a level of luxury to any space,” states Chu.


Clients want their homes to be a reflection of their individual personalities, and kitchen customization is a significant part of today’s luxury home. Statement pieces, appliances that are as beautiful as they are functional, and leveling up to professional grade performance are some of the biggest trends in the decision making process today.

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Photography by: JennAir