Designer Jan Showers' 5 Secrets To The Perfect Home Office

By Erin Robinson | July 9, 2020 | Home & Real Estate

Working from home has become a way of life. As you personalize your home to fit your needs, it’s important to carve out a space to do your best work. Jan Showers, whose new book, Glamorous Living ($65, Abrams), releases this fall, takes us inside her very own office to show how to design a room to get stuff done.

Dallas interior designer Jan Showers' personal home office

1. “The color for any study should be one that complements the person using the room. It should be a color that makes them feel great and look wonderful!”

2. “A desk should be large enough to have a workspace, but also large enough to have a few personal items one loves to see on a daily basis. I placed my desk with a window beside it as well as next to one looking out to the courtyard in my Dallas townhouse and love sitting at that desk.”

3. “Desk chairs should always be comfortable and encourage the person sitting in them to sit up straight. Everyone sits at their desk so long these days that the proper chair is not only necessary for aesthetics, but also for promoting good posture.”

4. “We always put a lamp on every desk we place—for two reasons: No. 1, nothing adds glamour and elegance like a stunning lamp, and No. 2, eye-level lighting is essential for reading, writing notes and certainly for making everyone look their best.”

5. “I love picture lights on bookcases. They are not only chic, but also practical for finding the titles one is looking for.”

Photography by: Jeff McNamara