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by Kacie Whitman by Kacie Whitman | June 18, 2021 | Sponsored Post, Home & Real Estate,


For one-stop premier home improvements, Brixos is your place. The Texas-based remodeling, renovation, and home improvement company offers everything a homeowner needs to complete their dream project. From architecture and design to permitting and material selection, floor plans and renderings. Founded with a mission to make home improvements easier, Brixos is proactive in identifying where friction points may be and removing them swiftly during a given project. Their quality of both overall client experience and catered services are unmatched: Brixos works with certified, licensed and vetted professionals within the industry to ensure every client's expectations are met. Small or large, Brixos views every project as an exciting venture to bring a client’s vision to life.

With evolving technology, Brixos continually seeks to transform a homeowner’s experience whether one is remodeling or building additions to a home. All projects are backed with a signature guarantee: the team will not stop working until you love your results. With an added warranty and liability policy on all completed projects, rest assured your dream will be fully supported from start to finish. In matters of the home, flexibility is key. Brixos offers 24/7 access to their talented team who are readily available to support client inquiries or suggested adjustments to a project. “Our goal is to utilize innovation to make the experience of getting projects completed as a homeowner as easy as possible”, says Courtney Scioli, head of Brixos marketing. “Our team cuts no corners, the quality of our projects show that.” Everyone should be happy in their home. Brixos is here to make it happen.

Submit a project today at app.brixos.com, give their team a call or text at 713.331.1064, or send an email to [email protected] and let Brixos do it with you.


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