From St. Tropez to Aspen: Four Dallasites Share What's Going on This Summer

By Alexis Bray | June 28, 2019 | People

Kite surfing in St. Barth’s and a birthday party in Albania are part of the itineraries for these well-known locals.


Jennifer Karol, philanthropist

“We love to spend time in St. Barth’s in the summer because it’s less crowded. Plus, more Europeans seem to travel there, so it’s fun to meet new friends. We love the diversity of the beaches for hiking, snorkeling or kite surfing but most of all relaxing. And, of course, the food and champagne never disappoint!”


Nick Boulle, VP of de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry

“I spent a week in the South of France between St. Tropez, Monaco and Villeranche-sur-Mer, then spent four days in England. After meeting my girlfriend in Switzerland, we spent one full day in Paris. We saw Rafael Nadal walking out of L’Avenue the night before he won the French Open! That was super cool—major fanboy moment for me!”


Lisa Cooley, philanthropist

“My family and I are actually going to Africa for the first time. We are super excited, and the reason I chose Africa is that everyone I know who has been has said it was life altering!”


Capera Ryan, Deputy Chairman at Christie’s

“I will spend a week on Lake Como, then head to Milan for a couple of days, then on to the South of France with friends, and then to a friends’ birthday in Albania. After that, I will be in Aspen enjoying beautiful weather, hiking, parties and friends. With all these places, they all make me smile and inspire me! I love the beauty, nature and inspiration!”


Photography by: Lisa Cooley Photo by Dana and Daniel Driensky; Nick Boulle Photo by Thomas Garza; Jennifer Karol Photo by George Fiala; Capera Ryan Photo by Kristina Bowman