Embracing a New Lease on Life

By Dr. Richard Berger By Dr. Richard Berger | October 30, 2023 | People, Sponsored Post,

Perseverance, Decision-Making, and Triumph over Knee Pain through Orthopedic Knee Replacement Surgery


Kim, an avid runner for two decades, had always enjoyed an active lifestyle until pain started creeping in. Initially, her feet bore the brunt of her rigorous running routine, leading to seven surgeries and a decision to switch her focus from running to yoga. But when Kim reached age 50, the pain migrated to her knees, ultimately altering her life's trajectory.

Seeking relief, she embarked on a quest for answers from a local orthopedic surgeon beginning with an initial consultation and X-rays. The examination revealed the need for a partial knee replacement. Craving further insights, she decided to seek a second opinion.

Within her yoga community, Kim received a recommendation that would change her life: Dr. Richard Berger, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, Chicago, recognized for his minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries resulting in quicker and more effective patient recoveries. From the initial phone call with Dr. Berger's team, Kim was impressed with the customer service. The positive interactions with staff and Dr. Berger's confident demeanor instilled a newfound hope. After he reviewed her x-rays, he recommended a full knee replacement on the right. He emphasized that her left knee was also nearing the point of requiring intervention.

Though impressed by the team's professionalism, Kim wasn't prepared to commit just yet. Her personal mantra of "pushing herself" motivated her to wait until her knees had reached their breaking point. Understanding her perspective, Dr. Berger offered alternative options, including cortisone injections, to provide temporary relief.

A year later, at the age of 52, Kim found the cortisone shots were no longer effective. Continuing her yoga practice, Kim relied on modifications to alleviate knee pain. However, by the time she turned 57, the pain had intensified, significantly impacting her quality of life. Finally ready to take the leap, Kim scheduled her knee replacement surgery for December, knowing she had a dream yoga retreat in Bali to look forward to the following year.

Despite the relatively short recovery time, Kim was determined to make her Bali retreat a reality. Her primary goal was to immerse herself fully in the retreat without limitations or modifications. Returning to her beloved hot yoga classes, which she attended six days a week, became a driving force.


Kim triumphed over adversity by following her healthcare team's instructions, even if they occasionally conflicted with her holistic approach. With the team's approval, she eventually resumed her hot yoga classes, using them as a platform to prepare for her Bali retreat. In fact, on the very same day she received clearance, she attended a night class, celebrating her resilience.

Just 15 weeks after her surgery, she boarded the plane for what would be a long-haul flight, including layovers and a strenuous trip to Bali for a yoga retreat of a lifetime.

Reflecting on her journey, Kim shares valuable advice to those considering knee replacement surgery: Embrace the process. Additionally, she strongly recommends seeking out Dr. Berger, whose expertise and compassionate approach make him the ideal surgeon for such a life-changing procedure.

Kim's story serves as an inspiration to anyone with knee pain and contemplating orthopedic knee replacement surgery. Through her determination, patience, and collaboration with an exceptional healthcare team, she regained her active lifestyle and embraced a new lease on life.


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