Elizabeth Chambers Hammer of BIRD Bakery in Highland Park Village Shares The 5 Steps To A Perfect Sandwich

Rosie Roberson | July 5, 2019 | Food & Drink

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer wants you to expand your sandwich horizons beyond the simple marriage of turkey and rye. The founder and CEO of BIRD bakery in Highland Park Village shares her five-step process to confecting a flawless sammie.



When it comes to bread, choose one that’s interesting, delicious and high-quality. You can’t go wrong with a buttery brioche or a sweet honey wheat. My favorite is a seeded bread—the more seeds, the better!


A dry sandwich is not a delicious sandwich, so don’t be shy with the spread! Nothing is better than our Raspberry Chipotle Mayo, which we serve on our California Turkey at BIRD bakery. If you’re not a mayo person, BIRD Raspberry Chipotle Mayonnaise might convert you.


After spreading both slices of bread with mayo, or the condiment of choice, the next step is cheese and greens. On a sandwich, I’m a havarti or English cheddar girl. It’s important that the greens (I prefer arugula) are placed on the spread so it stays put! After greens comes the tomato, then sliced avocado and, finally, the meat.


When selecting meat, I prefer thinly sliced turkey (ham, roast beef or prosciutto are also delicious). Choose meat that is organic when possible. At the very least, choose one without hormones or added nitrites. Selecting high-quality meat will not only result in a more delicious sandwich, but it will also be better for you and your family.


Now that your sandwich is assembled, it’s time for accompaniments. An Asian slaw or homemade potato salad can be a delicious choice, but I feel strongly that all sandwiches should be accompanied by a crisp dill pickle spear and a handful of potato chips. The saltiness, texture and nostalgia of both make the perfect complement to any sandwich; we serve the pair with every single sammie at BIRD bakery. Enjoy!


Photography by: JOHN RUSSO