Donald Robertson Plays By His Own Rules in the Retail Game

By Jane Humphrey | March 22, 2020 | People

It is no coincidence that Donald Robertson, known as @drawbertson to his hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, has become the fashion world’s favorite art bomber of the Instagram era.


If you’ve traveled abroad lately, you might have noticed there is a shiny new toy sitting pretty at DFW airport. Estée Lauder Companies recently launched its premiere hub for all things beauty, where shoppers can pick up last-minute necessities or fun gifts on the go. Leading the charge is storied artist and Creative Director Donald Robertson, who has transformed the space into a colorfully curated paradise for makeup enthusiasts and product junkies (aren’t we all?). We caught up with the delightfully cheeky Robertson to learn more about his latest recipe for success.


You mentioned the term ‘travel retail.’ Can you expand on this concept?

At the airport, the wallets are out. It’s the new mall of this generation and all of the stores have prestige. Good luck trying to find a cheesy T-shirt at the airport these days!

Tell us a bit more about the space itself.
The store is set up digitally so we can switch things on and off thematically. For March, we are going into full launch for spring.

How did this creation station come to life?
This is the first prototype store where all of the Lauder brands will be under the same roof—Becca, Too Faced, Glam Glow and Bobbi Brown. We are thrilled to have created an atmosphere where the brands have stayed true to the company’s signature DNA.

What inspires you as an artist?
My favorite thing in the whole world is to watch how children approach paper—absolutely stress-free. I try to take the same approach toward art. I like to be completely chill about it. I just start sketching... the more loose, I find, the better.

Let’s talk shop—what is one product you simply cannot live without?
Glam Glow, Glam Glow, Glam Glow! I love that it’s unisex. I have a teenager with troubled skin who uses it constantly.


Photography by: Photos courtesy of Donald Robertson