Divorce Deconstructed: How To Prepare For a Favorable Outcome

by Duffee + Eitzen LLP by Duffee + Eitzen LLP | August 18, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

When “I Do” Becomes “I’m Done."


Let’s be clear, there is nothing easy about divorce. It will challenge your fortitude with curveballs and unannounced lane changes throughout the process. Our job is to guide, represent and to advocate for you to make sure you reach the most favorable outcome possible. With more than three decades of extensive trial experience, we’ve seen a lot, so it’s hard to surprise us. Whether our venue is a conference room or the courtroom, we are there to protect your family, property and financial interests.

Now is the time to be realistic—look into the different types of divorce to see which kind is best for your situation. While some people are well suited for a collaborative divorce, others might conclude that litigation is the only option. It is best to be prepared for your case to go either way, with an attorney who is committed to your best interests and skilled to represent you well in any arena.

Assess Your Financial Fitness

One of the best things you can do is prepare to be as organized as possible with a thorough accounting of all community assets and debts. Start organizing your finances, going as far back into the relationship as you can go—include current statements, property tax documents, tax returns, loans, mortgages, any pre- or post-nups and insurance documents. Inventory valuables and property. Go ahead and run a credit check on yourself. Get advice from a lawyer or your investment broker about how to protect and maintain your separate property.

And by the Way,

Do not hesitate to change the password on all of your email accounts, separate property and your social media accounts to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Keep it Classy

Begin with the end in mind. Think about what kind of relationship you want to have with your now-spouse, years into the future. If you have kids, in addition to the planning for them, keep in mind that you will have to interact with the ex on a continued basis. Knowing that your paths will cross, do everything that you can to keep relations respectful.

Hit the pause button on social media—assume that all eyes are on your accounts, whether you realize it or not. Refrain from dating. In Texas, whether separated or not, you are still married until the day you are legally divorced. Don’t let that work against you.

Most people would benefit from individual therapy when going through a divorce. Don’t discuss your problems with everyone you know—keep your circle of trust small and carefully chosen.

Hire an Attorney

And then LISTEN to the advice of your attorney. Remember that you hired them for this specific skill set, experience, wisdom and counsel, so do what they say. Provide what you are asked for in an organized, timely manner. We are here to help you reach the ultimate goals for your divorce or family law matter.


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