de Boulle Presents The Macri Collection by Buccellati

de Boulle de Boulle | December 3, 2020 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post


The first Macri creation was designed more or less than 40 years ago by Gianmaria Buccellati, second generation of the Buccellati family. Inspired by the blossoming femininity and simple elegance of his youngest daughter Maria Cristina, he explored his feelings to achieve some truly heart-felt and sought-after jewelry pieces. He wanted to create a jewel containing all the iconic characteristics of Buccellati jewelry, with emphasis on the engraving techniques, and so he conceived a cuff bracelet as silky as precious fabric with bezels as structured as micro-sculptures to produce a unique and timeless design. Gianmaria decided to dedicate this new-born iconic line to his daughter, Maria Cristina. Thus, he took the first syllables of her name and combined them to obtain the name “Macri”.

The first creation is simply called “Macri”; Gianmaria Buccellati developed a richer design, embellished with bombé elements, leaf modeled rosettes and shiny beads, thus obtaining jewels that contained all the signature goldsmithing techniques used by the artisans of the Maison.


The “Macri Classica” line was the second design, which was very minimalist with a simple gold band dotted with diamonds using the engraving techniques of rigato and ornato to create a “fabric effect”. To obtain this “fabric effect” a master goldsmith has engraved, stripe by stripe, the whole precious surface. A technique achieved with the utmost accuracy by hand using burins and following the same goldsmithing techniques of Renaissance times.

The “Macri AB” line was designed by Mr. Andrea Buccellati, Gianmaria’s son and third generation, and the third design in the Macri Collection. Although it looks similar to the original Macri design, the “AB” line is characterized by small geometric flowers formed of four white gold bezels set with diamonds alternating with small white gold beads. Its inspiration comes from the architectonic decorations of Venetian ancient buildings and churches. This elegant motif is admired by Buccellati followers, so much so that it has been used in different jewels outside the “Macri” collection.

As a natural extension of the “Macri” collection, Andrea Buccellati also designed new motifs to create the “Macri Giglio” line: small lilies obtained through an attentive openwork technique. The lily is one of the most ancient flowers used with decorative purposes and it appears in the traditions of many civilizations, and as a symbol of sublime love for Greeks and Romans, but the meaning it still has today is purity. Andrea Buccellati fell in love with this symbol and reproduces it on the silky rigato engraved surface.


Photography by: de Boulle