Charleston House: Not Your Mother's OB/GYN

Christina Walker | August 1, 2019 | Lifestyle

Charleston House, started by Dr. Kamilia Smith, is changing the way women take care of themselves.


Charleston House’s chic lobby

Created by renowned OBGYN Dr. Kamilia Smith, Charleston House has reimagined women’s healthcare. The clinic, which is near the hustle and bustle of downtown’s hospital district, is anything but overwhelming. The charming office welcomes untraditional appointment times as well as a co-working space and coffee bar.

Dr. Kamilia Smith has two decades of medical experience serving women in the Dallas area. Previously, she co-founded Magnolia Obstetrics & Gynecology at Baylor University Medical Center and has cared for over 6,000 patients. Dr. Smith emphasizes the importance of individualized care and educates and empowers her patients.

Charleston house offers gynecological services as well as other wellness services such as mental health care and acupuncture. What makes the clinic most unique is that their main focus is on personalized care and advocacy for their patients.


Photography by: Lori Wilson