CBD Is The Secret To Self Care: Botanika Life is TLC in a Bottle

by Modern Luxury Editors by Modern Luxury Editors | April 20, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


Spring blossoms, warm breezes and longer days call for a perfectly timed self-care and lifestyle refresh. As we turn the corner on a year ripe with emotion and anxiety, it’s imperative we take some time for a little TLC; both for ourselves and for the ones we love.

The team at Botanika Life has you covered. Delivering clean luxury lifestyle and wellness products, it’s self-care as nature intended: pure, natural and environmentally conscious. By introducing full spectrum CBD into their product line, self-care is redefined for those seeking positive alternatives to improve their beauty and wellness from the inside out.

Quite literally the beauty and brains behind Botanika Life, Stacey Cooper Shabtai has made wellness both a lifestyle and a business. As a former model, holistic health coach, thought leader, entrepreneur and mother, she is clean-living personified. With a non-stop career and hectic travel schedule, Cooper Shabtai became a true believer when CBD helped her through some very grueling days and nights without any jet lag. Hence, the Botanika Life CBD Jet Pack was born which includes two sprays; one for sleep and another for an immunity boost.

The real secret to her success? Routine self-care and a daily mantra of transparency. Botanika Life is unwavering in their commitment to clean criteria: ingredients free of preservatives, heavy metals or harsh chemicals. So make time for self TLC and gift some to the ones you love. Botanika Life will be launching before the end of April exclusively with Neiman Marcus as their primary major retailer through Summer ‘21 in key markets both in-store and online.


CBD for Beauty: Anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritated skin, nourishes and locks in moisture as well as reduce the production of sebum in the skin to fight the formation of acne

CBD for Sleep: By interacting with receptors in the brain and central nervous system, CBD causes a relaxing effect; relaxed muscles and body equates to a relaxed mind

CBD for Anxiety: CBD is an anxiolytic that does not have psychoactive side effects, which means that it can help to reduce anxiety and help with calming the nervous system

CBD for Pain: Everyone has a cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD interacts with a core component of the ECS receptors in your brain and immune system, creating an anti- inflammatory and pain relieving effect


And now for the icing on the (clean) cake: Cooper Shabtai’s personal daily regimen below. And you’re welcome.

  • AM: Vitamin C + Squalane + CBD Serum for a brightening boost (under SPF)
  • PM:Plant Stem Cell + Marula + CBD Serum for anti-aging
  • Elite Elixir as a booster for hydration AND a sublingual with 1500mg of Full Spectrum CBD

All 3 of these elixirs come in a set with a crystal face roller that can be used 2x a day, morning and night, to deeply penetrate the serums and increase blood flow to the face.

Photography by: Botanika Life, @genstreetstyle, and @alikhan_photography