Beili Liu Kicks Off New Series at Crow Museum

By Jane Humphrey | March 7, 2020 | Lifestyle

Beili Liu is opening our eyes and calling for action.


Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing sea of red upon entering the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas. The recently debuted exhibition from renowned artist Beili Liu, titled One and Another, features two colossal floor-to-ceiling installations that will undoubtedly take your breath away at first glance. Enlisting everyday sourced materials, Liu writes a narrative on social division and the human condition from a sky-high level.


Liu, who is a professor at The University of Texas at Austin, pulled from her Chinese heritage as inspiration for these site-responsive bodies of work. Her first piece, “Lure,” features hundreds of handcoiled discs helping echo the ancient legend of “the red thread.” In her second, “Each and Every,” Liu shines a light on the social traumas associated with migration and displacement during our current political climate by utilizing children’s clothing swathed in cement. The exhibition runs through mid-August and serves as the inaugural show for the museum’s new Texas Asian Women Artists Series, a three-year initiative that honors artists like Liu by showcasing their work.


Liu will be in town the evening of March 12 to engage with the community and will hold a performance at the museum the following day that is not to be missed. RSVP required for events, 2010 Flora St.,;

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Photography by: From top, photos by: Beili Liu Studio; Beili Liu; Amos Morgan