A Taste of Taxco

By Beam Suntory- Dallas By Beam Suntory- Dallas | July 14, 2022 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

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Is there anything more inspiring than an immigrant success story—of someone achieving the American dream? For the duo being the new restaurant The Reserve, located in a sprawling space at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, dreams have been achieved and the story continues to grow. Monica Reza and Vivek Sharma are friends first, business partners second. The pair met in 2002 when Sharma was managing a gas station in South Dallas, and Reza was hired to open a taqueria concept in the space. A now popular concept that they started, back in the day. From there, the entrepreneurs managed to leverage their good ideas into several successful businesses, and finally, this friends and family owned restaurant. The Reserve is an upscale concept that plays off of Reza’s recipes, perfected at Taqueria Taxco, a local chain with over 18 locations in DFW that serves authentic Mexican street style tacos.


At this new space, Reza is able to bring forward real, authentic Taxco recipes she learned in her mother’s kitchen, next to Mexican favorites, such as Dallas favorites Chile Relleno or Chilaquiles. It was Sharma’s idea to introduce an elevated bar to the concept, she says, encouraging her to serve tequila forward drinks, created in collaboration with a mixologist, alongside her authentic Mexican recipes—and it worked! “We started working together in 2016, opening the taquerias,” they share. “We started very small, and now we’ve worked our way up and have invested in our own company—this is a family run business, but we’re competing with the big guys.” Now that’s a success story we can cheers to!

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Espresso Martini: Jim Beam Black, House cinnamon coffee, Vanilla Liquor, Mr. Black Coffee liquor, Splash of Mexican Coke


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