A Jolt of Zen

Modern Luxury Editors Modern Luxury Editors | August 25, 2020 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post, National,

In a time where the world is standing still but our minds are running wild, we need some kind of stability, an ally, a routine.


As these days can bring much uncertainty, I quickly gravitated to what gave me my sense of balance—a perfect regimen to live my day, my way. I’m talking about ​Zolt​, the CBD Drink Mix. Just add water, shake with gusto, and BOOM, I’m filled with superpowers. With multiple formulations, I can start the day with a dose of Rise or Boost+, treat myself in the afternoon with Dial-Up+ and end my day with Dreamy to get me settled in for a good night sleep. What’s more, I feel a continuous sense of calm and balance throughout the day. It’s me, only better.

Okay, so now you might be asking, ​what makes Zolt so great?

The answer: science. These single serve drink mix sticks are not only delicious, but more effective than other CBD formulas (up to 5x more). The team at Zolt has worked extensively on making sure its water-soluble CBD powders are safe, effective and environmentally friendly. An added bonus? They’re good for you. Zolt CBD powders offer high doses of antioxidants and adaptogens. Simply put: it’s a necessity you didn’t even know you needed. No matter the time of day. And what’s more…​it’s all organic.

Rise​: The perfect blend of CBD isolate, antioxidants, adaptogens, and a morning must: caffeine.


Boost+​: Full-spectrum Hemp combined with Reishi, the mushroom of immortality, and other adaptogens to help your immune system perform at its best.


Dial-up+​: With natural caffeine, Dial-Up+ will have you at your best and most articulate, essential for all the WFH Zoom meetings.


Dreamy:​ The anecdote for a good night sleep; perfect for soothing your mind and repairing your body. Hello Dreamland!


Let’s admit it, this year has been a hot mess. We have picked up old jump ropes, read books we never even touched before and watched (or re-watched) movies from 2004—all in an effort to maintain our sanity. All in an effort to find our Zen. Zolt’s CBD Drink Mix is just that, zen + jolt, at your convenience. So you can live your day, your way.

Photography by: Courtesy of Zolt