Susan O'Brien of Dallas Plant-Based Snack Company Hail Merry On Her Morning Ritual

Kristie Ramirez and Rosie Roberson | April 10, 2019 | People

Founder and CEO of Hail Merry


What’s your morning ritual? First, a large glass of water, then cold-brew coffee—light on the coffee—with Moodbeli Cocoa Mushroom Adaptogen tonic and Malk almond milk. I journal and set intentions while I drink my coffee. Lastly, before showering, I do my stretching, breathing and foam rolling while listening to either my favorite music or a spiritual podcast.

If you could eat only three things a day, what would they be? Blueberries, broccoli with butter and chocolate with almond butter

Fasting. Yes or no? Neither, but I am into calorie restriction one to two days per week.

What’s one thing you’ve done in the last year to change your health? Ozone therapy. I also love cryotherapy for lowering inflammation.

If you’re going to have a drink, what is it and why? Depends on the occasion, but I love a supercold, icy martini with a twist. Recovery from vodka is easiest on my body, especially if I also pound back plenty of water during and after.

What’s your favorite indulgence, food or otherwise? Really great rustic crusty bread and butter together with a glass of wine


Photography by: Jonathan Zizzo