Goyard Makes its Dallas Debut At Highland Park Village

By Jane Humphrey | December 12, 2019 | Lifestyle Fashion


“Dallas is a place with a strong identity. People have a very distinct and unique approach to style and are connoisseurs when it comes to high-end craftmanship,” says Jean-Michel Signoles.

Suspense had been permeating the air of Highland Park Village ever since people caught a glimpse of what seemed to happen overnight in a secret ops mission—the iconic Goyardine design covering one of the shopping center’s storefronts. From that moment on, women, men and haute dogs everywhere were abuzz with excitement. After all, this marks the entrance of luxury brand Goyard to our fair city. With such a finger on the pulse, however, this was only a matter of time, n’est-ce pas? “Beyond the ideal retail environment, we were first and foremost seduced by the common values shared,” voiced owner and President Jean-Michel Signoles about Highland Park Village. “We both are family-owned businesses with a deep and genuine sense of excellence, heritage and continuity.” Now that the shop is open, one can see that the decor is undoubtedly synonymous with Goyard’s signature opulence. A grandiose vaulted entrance carved in stone adorns the facade, emblazoned with an image of Louis XIV, replicating a piece on the Place Vendôme. Upon entering the gilded space, customers are met with sky-high ceilings featuring vintage chandeliers by Gilbert Poillerat. Similar to the trademark chevron itself, the floors are a chic swirl of white, beige and gray marbling with streaks of black granite. Needless to say, the boutique is just as distinctive as Goyard itself. Since its inception in 1853, the brand has transcended into a caliber of its own. The world’s top artisans craft each piece the brand offers to the utmost perfection and timeless elegance. This season, give a très covetable gift to that special someone or the chic chien in your life. 18 Highland Park Village, goyard.com


Photography by: Courtesy of Goyard