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By Celia Konstantellou By Celia Konstantellou | August 11, 2020 | Sponsored Post

Counting over 90 years of combined experience, the Mindful Dermatology team provides collaborative expertise and research-based therapies to meet the needs of your skin.


Offering services ranging from psoriasis, eczema and acne treatments to cosmetic procedures, Mindful Dermatology ( is passionate about taking care of your skin helping you to feel and look your best. The Dallas-based company has gained the reputation of constantly raising the standard of dermatology care by providing innovative, research-based treatments and actively engaging in clinical research activities to better cater your needs.

Dedicated to the philosophy that every patient deserves excellent care, respect and a doctor who listens, the company’s leader, Jennifer Cather, MD, alongside her experienced team are committed to offering cutting-edge care that exceeds your highest expectations. “It is never too late to modify lifestyles for a better healthcare outcome,” says Cather. “We've created a brand and group of people to handle every dermatological care consideration.”


Dr. Jennifer Cather

While understanding that a patient’s outward appearance can affect how they feel about their life, Mindful Dermatology remains mindful of each client’s unique needs. “We treat and individualize therapies with collaborative care practice models,” says Cather.” Bringing the patient, their network of doctors, family unit, and our care as one care coordination unit.”

The company’s contemporary approach to the practice of medicine renders Mindful Dermatology a high-end business. “Medicine is evolutionary and ever changing, teaching us to always do it better, more sophisticated, and to seek constant refinement,” says Cather. Now offering the full spectrum of cosmetic and general dermatology services and products, Mindful Dermatology will be launching its Rejuvenation & Wellness program starting in September 2020.

As summer months are UV Safety and reminders for regular skin checks, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen daily and to schedule an appointment at Mindful Dermatology to treat your skin for the season. 9101 N Central Expy., Ste. 160, 214.265.1818


Photography by: Courtesy of Mindful Dermatology