Dallas CEO Junior Desinor Dishes On Incorporating CBD Into His Lifestyle

Kristie Ramirez and Rosie Roberson | April 29, 2019 | People

Co-founder and CEO of City Naturals organic welt products and founder and CEO of TOOR Technologies


What’s one thing you’ve done in the last year to change your health? Started using CBD. No more sleeping aids to help me fall asleep or medications for headaches.

How do you stay on track when it comes to exercising? I’m very strict on the days I have set to work out. I [try] not to miss those days regardless of how I’m feeling or how busy I may be.

What helps you maintain mental well-being? My family keeps me focused and grounded. I’m active and exercise regularly, so I do and eat whatever I want!

What’s your favorite indulgence? I love to drive, and I love [going to] look at cars.

Top three tips for a healthier life? Be self-aware, be respectful and listen.

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Photography by: Jonathan Zizzo