4 Face-Changing Services

| September 20, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

Celebs are buzzing: 4 Game-Changing Skin Services for Fall at OVME.


So much to love about summer, but so much you don’t want to keep — like the sun damage all those pool days cost you. But living your best life in the elements doesn’t have to have a lasting impact on your #skingoals. Stressed summer skin is on the way out at OVME with a recovery-focused assortment of the most in-demand skin treatments for Fall at the most talked-about aesthetics studio in the nation. From Beyoncé to ScarJo, these four celeb-loved skin-fixers will renew and reveal your best skin ever, just in time for PSL season.



Celebs like Beyoncé, Kate Winslet, and Amy Poehler love what a masterful HydraFacial brings their complexion: red carpet glow. The signature OVME HydraFacial brings a new level of clean—smooth complexion, reduced pore size, diminished fine lines, and nourished skin.


Laser Resurfacing

Who is dabbling in laser resurfacing on the regular? None other than the beautiful faces of Chelsea Handler and Scarlett Johansen. That’s because going laser is a game-changer. OVME Laser Resurfacing (OLR) takes on everything from wrinkles and redness to acne scars and sunspots. “If Botox® irons the sheets, OVME Laser Resurfacing washes the sheets,” explains OVME Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark McKenna. “Botox® is a fantastic service that delivers consistently superior cosmetic outcomes, however, to truly improve the health and integrity of your skin cosmetic lasers should be integrated into your treatment plan.” OLR improves the appearance of skin tone, skin texture, pore size (minimizes), fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and luminosity of the skin. “Our proprietary technology works on all skin types and offers the benefits of a fully ablative laser with minimal post-procedure downtime,” McKenna says.


Chemical Peels

There’s a reason Gweneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, swear by chemical peels—they work! By brightening skin tone, reducing visible signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles), improving skin texture, and clarifying the skin from acne and acne scarring, OVME Chemical Peels eliminate sun damage and reduce hyperpigmentation.



Insiders who know about Photofacials are ahead of the trends, like Cosmopolitan editor Ali Drucker, who took on her rosacea with Photofacial laser treatments and enjoys the benefits of not having to wear makeup. Bonus features? Major collagen production. “The OVME Photofacial harnesses the power of tunable, light therapy to effectively address many common aging issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, vascular (red) lesions, and overall skin health,” says Dr. Mark McKenna, OVME Founder and Chief Medical Officer. “Photofacials, when performed routinely, yield medical-grade results with no cosmetic downtime.”

Which A-list treatment is perfect for your face? A curated combo of these treatments will yield the most effective results, which is why the OVME Summer Skin Recovery packages were designed to help you level up your skin game and get you glowing before sweater weather. Book a consultation now at ovme.com.

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